About Linda

Linda Dutton has developed numerous personal development and continuing education workshops designed for healthcare facilities and businesses of all kinds and sizes. She is an award winning professional speaker with a strong background in customer service and educational instruction. Dutton developed her company, Windmill Seminars, of which Learning at Every Turn is the motto.

Over the last 35 years, Linda Dutton has made hundreds of appearances as a professional speaker including a presentation at an international communications conference in San Francisco, California and has made television appearances as an advocate for the American Diabetes Association. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Business, Dutton has been a guest speaker at several Kansas universities. She has been a presenter at numerous business workshops as well as an instructor for personal enrichment classes for healthcare employees.

Linda’s dedication to the re-education of senior citizens led to the development of an ongoing series of historical biography seminars for retirement communities. Linda Dutton is a well-known public speaker in the Midwest area and known for her informative and motivational seminars as well as her common sense, comfortable, and interactive teaching style in the employee benefit workshops.

There are two things Linda wants people to know about Windmill Seminars:

  1. The windmill logo is to honor her maternal grandparents Dan and Edna Kellenberger, to remember their love of family and their working windmill that turned gallantly and faithfully right next to the big red barn just yards from the little white farm house in LeRoy, Kansas.
  2. Because of the windmill, naming the company was easy. However, for six entire months, she had not turned out one bit of material to present. She kept trying to figure out what everyone else wanted her to talk about.  She took her dilemma, seeking inspiration and wisdom, to Ole Wise One-her mother. Mom, at the age of 83, gave her the last piece of advice she would be able to share with Linda, Linda, you talk about who and what YOU want to talk about and that will shine through.”  And so it seems that since that day, the material just keeps on …well, you know, turning.

And so this is Lindas’s hope…that all Windmill Seminar programs will inspire others because she has been inspired.  It is her intent to share wisdom learned so that together, we all continue… Learning at Every Turn.